Deadly Sins The Band

Welcome everyone to the official site of Deadly Sins the Band!

We’re a punk / metal rock band based out of California!

Right now, we have two albums… Seven Witches and we’re working on Selling Our Weaknesses.

Both of our albums combine a great blend of punk, rock, and hardcore drumming.

Our Music Video for Non Believers, off of our album “Seven Witches”.

We are so proud of what we have accomplished. We all come from very poor backgrounds, so to be able to put out our music for everyone to hear is simply a dream come true.

We want to thank all of our fans. Without you, we would be nothing.

We want to particular thank our sponsors.. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to afford any of this.

Here is a word from our sponsors:

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As all of our fans know, the heart and soul of our band is our drummer, Eddie. Eddie is the glue that holds us together. Without his maturity, confidence, and leadership, we would not be nearly in the position we are today. His drumming skills are second to none. I can safely say he is the best drummer that I have ever heard. Of course he will attribute it to his great drum set, but we all know that it’s him that is creating that beautiful music,



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Peace and love!